Where Is The Line?


You know, the one that separates your personal life from your professional life?

What we do is hard. I know we are not the only Husband/wife/couple/family to be running a business together, but we are the only ones in my household, so for now this is all about me…and I am saying it is BLOODY HARD!

We eat, breathe, dream, sleep and love what we do but sometimes I hate it with a passion that makes me want to pick up a hammer and hurl it the general direction of our business…but not close enough to do any damage that I will have to repair later.

Let’s start with The Kids.

Tim and I have 3 beautiful kids (that are not always beautifully behaved) Bella 13, Bailey 8 and Archie 1.

Our kids, at times do little to hide their resentment toward the business that one day we kind of hoped they would take off our hands. We console ourselves with the fact that we are showing them what hard, work, dedication and following your dreams looks like and only hope that one day we can show them that the sacrifice of family vacations, weekends and time together was really for the greater good.

I recently described Green Cathedral to a friend as our 4th child and I could not think of a better analogy – the time, effort, heart and soul we put into this child…no wonder our other kids hate it, it’s like we have a favourite!

The Marriage 

Working with your ‘other half’ takes a huge amount of compromise, patience and insanity!

Particularly when you are in a creative partnership…I am constantly the Destroyer of Dreams: “No Tim you can not build a sailing boat, camper van, space ship this weekend…No honey I know you CAN build it, just we don’t have the time or money for you to build it and (Insert customers name) dining table is due on Monday and we could really use that final payment to buy your new (insert tool in here)” <–see what I did there?

Tim and I have worked hard at keeping our work arguments at work and sometimes Tim just has to back-down and acknowledge that I am always right.

We have tried to make the bedroom a ‘Work-Free’ zone but try leaving an argument about who’s role is more important at the threshold…we are both equally as important, for the record.

Seriously though, ‘The Line” is the hardest to see in our marriage as we are both so personally invested in this professional endeavour that it consumes us.

The Customer

We have had some amazing clients throughout the (7) years of running Green Cathedral, some of which have become personal friends.

We have always aimed to exceed our customers expectations which has seen us bend over backwards, forwards and twist ourselves into shapes resembling a pretzel to do so, however sometimes there is just no pleasing some people.

The affect a negative customer experience can have on us is terrible, we take it so personally that it is soul destroying and can bring us both down for days.

However, we would not be here without you all; the old customers, the new customer, the great, the not-so-great and the future customer who is enjoying just following our crazy journey.

If you have the answer, suggestions or thoughts on how to define the personal and professional boundaries, please feel free to share

SS xx

How we work out our differences.





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  1. You guys do an amazing job keeping your family cohesive and working at a burgeoning business. And Sally, you are a superwoman!

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