Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘Bespoke’ Furniture?

Each piece is made to order allowing us to ‘tailor make’ a piece to your requirements. We are able to adjust the dimensions and features of your piece to make it the perfect fit for your home and your lifestyle.

What is the difference between Custom and Bespoke?

At Green Cathedral we consider a custom piece to be a piece not in our range but designed specifically to fit a customers brief, whereas Bespoke is altering our designs to a clients specifications

What is the standard lead time?

We do not have a standard lead time, it varies with the time of year, however we aim to keep it within 6-8 weeks for the bigger pieces and within 1-3 weeks for the (standard) stools, chairs and smaller pieces. If you have a deadline in mind, we will always aim to meet it.

Do you have standard fabrics and colour swatches?

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Can I choose custom colours?

Yes. For a surcharge we are happy for you to choose your own custom colour, provided our
suppliers can match we can do almost any colour.

What timber do you use?

Most of our furniture is made from solid oak.


Our painted Babanees stools have legs constructed from Tasmanian oak and the tops are made from MDF. Our Oak stools are made with Tasmanian Oak legs and American Oak tops.

Can chairs be made at a custom height?

Standard height is 700mm H, however we make from 600-750mm height at no additional charge.

Where does the name Green Cathedral come from?

Green Cathedral is a surfing term referring to being inside the barrel of a wave (also known as the Green Room). The name pays homage to the Noosa lifestyle; can you see the wave in our logo?

What does Babanees mean?

Babanees is old school surfing lingo for sexy or attractive.

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