Meet The Maker
Hey There!

I have wondered if anyone even noticed Green Cathedral had gone! I know it seemed that we had just vanished into ‘The Wild’ for a little while. In more than one way, I guess we did. Due to the ever increasing rents in Noosa, we made the (very difficult) decision

The Road Not Taken – Part 2

The saga continues…. I was hoping by the time I sat down to write this follow-up blog post that the proverbial ‘road’ would be mapped out and the way clear of all obstacles and debris (yes I hear you all laughing). I had hoped that I could impart words of

The Road Not Taken – Part 1

Robert Frost’s most famous (and most misinterpreted) poem, often (incorrectly) referred to as “The Road Less Travelled”, has been my favourite poem since I was 12-years old. The “road less travelled” is a term often used to encourage a person to step outside their comfort zone; to  boldly go where

Where Is The Line?

WHERE IS THE LINE? You know, the one that separates your personal life from your professional life? What we do is hard. I know we are not the only Husband/wife/couple/family to be running a business together, but we are the only ones in my household, so for now this is all

As Seen In
As seen in….

We have been so fortunate and surprised to see our furniture show up in some of our favourite magazines, blogs and once even on The Block (Thanks Kyal & Kara!). So here is our little virtual Wall of Fame, where we can act like proud parents embarrassing our little one